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The Healing Power of the Purr

As cat lovers, we know nothing can replace our furry family members.  We have many special moments with them throughout the day, when they wake us in the morning with head butts, meow for food, rub against us when we come home, lay in our laps as we watch television.  When they find a new napping place we panic, when they are sick we cry and when kitty chooses us over others we rejoice.  Our love and devotion to our cats surpass explanation.

The human feline bond is unique in itself.  Over the last few months, older research has been brought back into the spotlight regarding how the cat’s purr can actually heal humans!  The purr not only is thought to heal the cat, but also the humans in the cat’s life.  Many report that cats will lay on or near injured human body parts.  When we don’t feel well, we are often irritated by this act.  However, they could be actively trying to heal us.

Let’s start with the basics… Why do Cats Purr?

We really are not sure, however, many Veterinarians and Scientists believe purring is linked to the emotions of the feline.  It is still unknown if purring is a voluntary or involuntary response. That being said, I have personally owned cats that never stopped purring and cats that hardly ever purred.

Interesting enough, purring begins the second day of life in house cats.  The purr is used when cats are content, comfortable, feel safe, play, approach other cats, distressed, afraid, sick, injured, and in medical distress.  Many believe the purr is the cat’s way to reassure and calm themselves and their special humans.

How do they make that sound?

The purr comes from the cat’s voice box.  The laryngeal muscles tighten and vibrate when the cat breathes in and out.  The range in Hertz when a cat purrs is due to the fact that the cat’s laryngeal muscles vibrate on both the inhale and exhale, resulting in a large range in frequency. Some believe the diaphragm is also involved in the purring process, making the act of purring a high energy producing activity.

Purring can Heal???

We all know a good cuddle reduces our stress, but it has been scientifically proved to reduce our blood pressure at the same time!

When cats purr, the vibration is in a range of 20-140 Hz.  To me that means nothing, however scientist tell us that this range is medically therapeutic for many illnesses.  This frequency range of 25 – 50 Hz actually heals bones!  100 – 200 Hz is the second best range to strengthen bones!  These vibrations also help heal infection, swelling, muscle, tendon and ligament injuries.

When I had surgery a few years back, my two girl cats would lay on each side of my surgery site and purr.  I thought nothing of it at the time.  Recently, my doctor stated that my wounds heal quickly.  When these studies were revisited in groups I belong to, I found it interesting that my girls will still lay on or next to my injuries.  Our cats obviously take care of us in ways we are never aware of!

Some studies have determined, just owning a cat will reduce your rate of heart attack by 40%!

Yes, I believe the purr contains healing properties.  Below I have included additional sources for you to explore. (half way down the article is the section on cats)


Below are the stories of how our clients have been healed by Purrs!

Kitty R’s Dad had open heart surgery.  When he returned home from the hospital, his special furry friend very gently laid on his chest for hours purring while he was recovering.  Now this Kitty, had never laid on Dad’s chest before, and did it in a very gentle and loving manner.  Of course, Mom was worried!  However, Dad assured her, that the soft sounds of the purrs made him feel better! This was before Kitty R, but Kitty R wants you to know, she would do the same for her beloved Daddy!

I just read your newsletter and it's funny because a couple nights ago my left hand was completely unusable... Had it on ice and everything and little Miss PittyPat insisted on laying right on my hand all night long :)  -Angela

I am sharing the stories clients have shared with me of how their Kitty healed them with Purrs!  To submit your story, please email your story to, or paste it into the contact form!  Thank you!

Published July 2014, Kitty's Purrfect Spa Newsletter

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