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Hairballs are dangerous and disgusting!

Hairballs are dangerous and disgusting!

Hairballs are just a nuisance!  While Kitty’s Purrfect Spa wished that to be true, they can be much more serious!

What is a Hairball?

It has been long thought that hairballs were the result of self grooming.  When cats lick themselves, the dead fur was swallowed and what was not passed through the digestive system was brought back up and regurgitated.  Recent studies are leaning more toward hair balls being the result of a possible issues with the intestines and/or how digested food moves between the stomach and intestines.  If your cat suffers from daily or weekly hairballs, your first step should always be to seek veterinary advice.

Why are Hairballs Dangerous?

Hair can actually get backed up and packed into your Kitty’s body.  Blockages from hair can occur anywhere in the digestive system.  When these blockages occur, surgery may be your only option. If your kitty experiences Continuous hacking that does not produce a fur ball, frequent diarrhea or loss of appetite you should seek medical help to get to the bottom of the issue.

How Can I Reduce Hairballs In My Home?

Kitty's Purrfect Spa has developed a six month program that will improve your Kitty’s coat condition, in turn reducing the amount of dead hair ingested by your beloved family member.  In addition to feeding your Kitty a high quality food recommended by your veterinarian we are convinced the amount of hair in your home and in your kitty can be significantly reduced.

What Proof Do You Have Your Methods are Successful?

I personally own two domestic long hair cats.  Before I attended the National Cat Groomers Institute of America, I only gave an occasional brushing session to my kitties in addition to hairball food and the occasional dose of hairball medication.  While attending NCGIA, I learned how dangerous and easily preventable fur balls can be.  I was not a believer, however my almost white carpets needed me to give it a try! Victoria, who was 11 at the time, began to receive a bath and brush every four to six weeks and a full belly shave about every eight to sixteen weeks.  Victoria went from having a hairball about twice a week to having no hairballs for over six months now.  I chose a full belly shave for Victoria because she is a shy and sensitive kitty.  I did not think she would appreciate the feeling of not having fur, as it would make her feel more exposed.

Tatianna, 10, is a more outgoing kitty.  She loves her Lion Cuts!  Before her first lion cut, she had hairballs almost daily, now she has about two a month. It took both kitties about four to six weeks to stop having their puking parties.  However, once the excess hair was out of their system my carpet cleaning was reduced significantly!  The results were delightfully surprising and made me a true believer that long hair kitties do not need to suffer from the menacing hairball!

In Conclusion....

Currently, I have many kitties on regular (four to eight week) maintenance plans that are also enjoy the huge reduction in hairballs!I strongly believe that regular grooming can and will reduce hairball issues in healthy cats. Please call for more information on hairball prevention!  661-505-0397

June 2014, Kitty's Purrfect Spa Newsletter

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