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Safety First! Air Muzzle

Kitty’s Spa does not use loops or harnesses.  We do however use an Air Muzzle when necessary!
The Air Muzzle was developed by a veterinarian.  It is light weight, allows the cats to feel like they are “hiding” , while at the same time allows cats the freedom to see and breathe.

Kitty’s Spa makes the decision to use an Air Muzzle when the cat attempts to bite Kitty’s Spa Employees.

Kitty’s Spa prefers NOT to scruff the Cat during the groom.  The Air Muzzle allows Kitty’s Spa to work with your Kitty in the least restrictive method possible.

If the Owner’s will not allow the use of the Air Muzzle, the groom will stop and payment is due in full.  It is in the Professional opinion of Feline Exclusive Master Groomers, National Cat Groomers Institute of America, and many vets that using an Air Muzzle is the safest and least stressful method to groom cats.  Please ask if you have any questions regarding the Air Muzzle!

More Information….

Are Your Clients Cranky?
The Air Muzzle pet restraint system helps controls cats safely
•Offers an unprecedented level of bite protection
•Applies quickly and easily
•Weighs less than 7 oz.
•Comfortable for pets; they begin to relax immediately Ideal for cats and small, flat-faced dogs!

Distributed by SmartPractice, Phoenix, AZ. Soft Paws is a registered trademark of Soft Paws, Inc., Lafayette, LA. Patent # 6,082,309,6,227,148, Other patents pending. Made in USA. 75767_0809. © 2009. See demonstration

How to use the Air Muzzle® on a cat: 1) Place the ball over the cat’s head with the blue part on the bottom. 2) Adjust the neck opening and velcro into place. 3) When placing the Air Muzzle® on a cat that has never worn one before, it is best to scruff the cat and hold its back legs when first putting the muzzle on. Cats react when they believe they are being trapped or threatened. The act of placing something over its head can make it feel that way. Once a cat starts reacting, it will usually not stop until it has succeeded in freeing itself from the very thing that has made it feel trapped. For this reason, it is best to hold the cat and prevent it from fighting the Air Muzzle ® just long enough for it to learn that it is not trapped. Most cats, once they figure out they can still see and breath, will adapt to it quite well. Keep in mind, however, that there are always exceptions to the rules, especially when dealing with cats. Some cats simply will not tolerate the Air Muzzle®. Fortunately, this type of cat is rare. Most will acclimate to it just fine, making the grooming process safer, faster, and easier from start to finish. 4) Be sure the Air Muzzle® is securely in place. A general rule of thumb is to make it snug enough that only the tip of a finger can be inserted along the neck line. If more than a finger tip will fit under the neck line, the Air Muzzle® is too loose and can come off if the cat tries to remove it. If it is too tight, the cat will not be able to breathe freely. 5)  As long as the Air Muzzle is securely over a cat’s head, the groomer is protected. This makes the Air Muzzle far superior to the old mesh style of muzzle as well as the E-collar that is often used as a muzzling device.

Published August 13, 2013

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